It has been a pleasure for the past eight years dealing with Cathy Clow. I have introduced her to Mildred Grace, Charles DeWoody, Shirley Fletcher and several other clients. All of them have said that their work was done in a very business like manner and have had no audits. I would recommend her to anyone who has to file a tax return.

Jim D.

Over the years, we have found CAC to be a reliable tax preparation service. Since Cathy Clow took over the company, the services have continued to those we could count on. Cathy and the staff of CAC are persons of integrity who stand by their work. They are thorough, knowledgeable about current tax laws, and are timely in their preparations and submissions. We appreciate their effectiveness in handling our tax preparation each year.

Frank & Karen C.

Cathy has been doing my taxes since 2004. She is efficient and professional, yet also caring and kind. Cathy is genuinely interested in how my family and I have been doing since the time she saw me last. She really delivers a “personalized” approach to each client she serves. Cathy is extremely detail-oriented, and each year she makes sure I am getting all of the refunds I am entitled to. I would absolutely recommend her services to others, and I plan on working with her for years to come.

Gina E.

Cathy has prepared our taxes for a number of years and we have always felt “safe” with her.
As well as preparing our taxes we would call her occasionally throughout the year with tax related questions
and she was always available to help.
If I could pick out 3 descriptive adjectives to give in regard to her service they would be fast, efficient and reliable.

Barry and Mary W.